On Friday the 21st January 2010 at 11:38 AM CST Lily the Black Bear in Minnesota gave birth LIVE on the Internet. This was the very first time in history that such an event was broadcast LIVE and thousands of people all around the world rushed to WildEarth.TV for this spectacular event.
The broadcast on WildEarth.TV was produced by Doug Hajicek of Whitewolf Entertainment in association with Dr Lynn Rogers of the North American Bear Center. Peaking at a maximum of over 25,000 concurrent viewers this entire event has been streamed across the zaplive.tv dynamic system.

Lily the black bearZaplive provides a high scalability infrastructure for load balancing live-streams through different locations. The infrastructure is based on “Wowza Media Server Pro” and “Amazon EC2 instances”.  A Origin Server measures the repeaters and distribute the viewers on different EC2 repeaters, which delivers the stream around the world. Dependent on the load, EC2 instances are launched. This combination allows a dynamically auto scaled system to handle more than 25,000 concurrent viewer and hundred of thousands of unique visitors.

The live stream is recorded with the auto record function of Zaplive (the 24/7 auto archive). Users can set „Hotspots“ to mark their favorite Scenes inside the Stream and can share them via Social Networks. 


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