YoxView is a free image viewer for websites. It’s written in javascript using jQuery and is available as a jQuery plugin.

YoxView is inspired by Lokesh Dhakar’s Lightbox. Like it, YoxView displays images above the website’s content, as a separate layer.

Example Example

House on fire Dom cathedral @ Köln Avocado Yam flower Amsterdam <a href='donate.aspx'>test</a> Cherry tomatoes Roses <a href='http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adenium' title='Learn more about this beautiful plant' target='_blank'>Adenium</a>



  • Images are resized to fit inside the browser’s window
  • Images can be pre-cached
  • Multiple instances in the same page may be used, ideal for blog entries, for example.
  • Fully configurable – each instance may have a different configuration.
  • Multilingual and bidirectional – tooltips and button names may be in any language (language packs available!)
  • Slideshow-enabled – play images automatically.
  • Keyboard access – navigate through images using the keyboard.
  • Search engine friendly – large images are indexed.
  • Extremely easy to integrate.
  • Learn more!

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