15+ Amazing Project Management and Collaboration Tools

Everyone knows about what is project management. It’s nothing but planning, organizing and managing the resources.But how to do? What is the right way to do it. Are there any tools available for project management and collaboration. How these tools can be useful and what are the features. These are the things we are going to analyze in this article. We will see best project collaboration tools available on web to manage projects easily.

Pros and Cons of Project Collaboration Tools

  • Online project management lets you collaborate with project resources, manage project users, analyze risks, assign tasks, coordinate schedules and make your project a success from anywhere in the world.
  • These project management apps are here to save you time, but they can also be very time-consuming and not intuitive.
  • If you have a team who works with you remotely, then this is the right choice.
  • Project management process and its approach

    Projects were generally managed by creative architects and engineers themselves. Major process steps are initiation, planning or development, production or execution, monitoring and controlling . To handle these process number of approaches are there like:

    • Traditional approach
    • Critical chain project management
    • Extreme project management
    • Event chain methodology
    • Prince2 (Structured approach)
    • Process based management.
    • 1.Teambox

      Teambox is listed first because it’s the application we are currently using for 1stwebdesigner, but don’t let that sway you. This is a place for your team in twitter like project collaboration tool. You can share tasks, messages, attach files and Notification by email.And also it’s an open source project.Teambox offers up to three projects free and offers 2000 projects for premium plans.And it’s very easy to use.


      • Easy to setup in 1 minute.
      • Access from anywhere, anytime.
      • Secure and backup of your data.
      • Updating new features constantly.
      • Notified by mails.
      • 2.Basecamp

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