Microsoft’s Future Social Experiences lab unveiled a personal and social way of navigating your news streams called Spindex today.

Spindex is a way of surfacing the most shared or popular items that come through your personal news feeds on social networks like Twitter. Microsoft’s project is part of a wave of similar projects like The Cadmus, Feedera and Knowmore that try and synthesize trends and news streams from personal social networks.

“Most people don’t really care about what’s trending on Twitter. They care about what’s trending in your own personal index. They want something that’s private, but that you can possibly make public and share with friends,” said Lili Cheng, who is general manager of the lab.

Microsoft has been making in-roads into social networking through a number of projects throughout the past year. Last fall, Microsoft launched its own real-time search engine with Twitter’s data on Bing last fall.

Cheng said there were four primary technical problems real-time search engines must address. Companies have to be concerned with timeliness, unpredictable growth in data sources, experimentation system and data quality.

Microsoft also made a defensive move through, a cloud-based document editing service based on Facebook’s platform. Microsoft needs to make its long lucrative Office