20 Plugins That Extend the Standard WordPress Feature Set

20 Plugins That Extend the Standard WordPress Feature Set Unlimited possibilities characterize the WordPress platform. Users are not limited by the features included with its base install, but have virtually limitless capacity to extend, expand, and adapt WordPress to their particular needs. Here are twenty plugins for WordPress that expand its feature set to do great things.

1. Flutter


A WordPress plugin that adapts the platform to CMS. It allows admins to create and administer custom writing screens, create fields of all types, and manage templates to present a fully customizable interface.

2. Shopp


An ecommerce plugin that converts WordPress into a powerful store complete with payment options and shipping calculations.

3. Forum Server


Forum Server converts your WordPress installation into the familiar forum format. Registered site users are automatically registered in the forum, presenting a venue for the public discussion of any topics you or the users choose.

4. Lightbox2


This is an essential plugin for photobloggers. Manage spectacular effects for your images using the simple interface as you alter colors, transitions, and set up groups of related images.

5. WP Job Board


WP Job Board allows you to convert your WordPress into a job board with this plugin. This integrates with PayPal to create and monetize a place for job listings. This plugin offers the capability to earn money on “autopilot,” giving admins a new revenue stream.

6. WP-CMS Post Control


This plugin makes it easy for administrators to hide customized fields that are not intended for display, giving your CMS installation powerful control over the user experience.

7. Quick Shop


Quick Shop is a handy plugin that creates a basic shopping cart in the WordPress side bar. Users insert tags into posts to generate forms that will add items to the cart. This simple interface is all that many need to use WordPress for ecommerce.

8. bbPress


Standard for WordPress bulletin board functionality. Its simple front end gives users an easy to navigate interface, and its backend offers templates and other powerful features.

9. WP Photo Album


A tool that helps WordPress users create photo albums and photo blogs. This plugin offers powerful sorting and presentation options.

10. W2BB


Offers a powerful bridge that links WordPress to the famous phpBB bulletin board platform. This plugin automatically creates topics in phpBB for every post created in WordPress, making it easy to get users involved in discussion.

11. Ecommerce Theme


This premium theme is designed to allow WordPress to become a fully-fledged ecommerce platform to display products, and manage the entire ordering process.

12. PageMash


PageMash is a customizable Aja x powered plugin that lets you drag and drop pages into nested structures for use in CMS.

13. CForms


CForms is another CMS friendly plugin that allows user-created forms to easily create Ajax-driven content in WordPress.

14. WPShop


Easily convert WordPress into a fully customizable online store with powerful customizations that can adapt to virtually any type of ecommerce site.

15. Yet Another Photoblog


This well known plugin works from within almost every WordPress theme to make photo blogging easy.

17. phpBB Recent Topics


Running a phpBB powered discussion forum? This plugin helps connect WordPress with the popular forum platform so that your most recent threads in phpBB are displayed in navigational form from within WordPress.

18. Flickr Photo Album


Expand WordPress to include images that you have already been uploaded to Flickr.

19. Scissors


Complements WordPress in CMS mode by augmenting its image handling capability to include watermarking, resizing, and rotating.

20. YAK


A free ecommerce plugin for WordPress that uses post IDs for product numbers. Check out these powerful plugins for WordPress and you will understand that WordPress can do virtually anything you need it to do.