A well-thought logo is the one that successfully communicate ideas to people. Logos have great importance in creating brand identity that’s why designers compete to be creative to deliver their message in a unique way.
Today, we focused on logos that use creative methods to represent the brand through color, shapes, and typography. In this post we’ll feature 30 clever logos for your design inspiration.

– Diamond Bookstore by Malik Joanna

Diamond Bookstore

– Killed Productions by ethereal

Killed Productions

– Lochness by Navy Blue Design


– DODO by Dalibor Novák


– Evolution X by Felipe Rojas

Evolution X

– Code Fish by Mabu

Code Fish

– Animal Rescue Sofia by Milena

Animal Rescue Sofia

– Peeled by uneekGrafix


– 83 Studios by uneekGrafix

83 Studios

– helium


– talkmore by nido


– Pause by volkan ek?i