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Februar 2011

Delivering Customer Happiness Online


Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office available to all

Many of you already use Google Docs for editing your documents, but there are still many people that are tied to desktop applications and haven’t experienced the numerous benefits cloud applications to bring. To help bring more people to the cloud and take advantage of features that result, we’re happy to announce that Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office is now available to everyone. Google Cloud Connect is a free plugin that improves Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 on Windows PCs. It adds simultaneous collaboration, revision history, cloud sync, unique URLs and simple sharing to the Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint applications:

Take it for a spin on your Windows PC by downloading the plugin.

To learn more about how Google Cloud Connect can help businesses, check out the more detailed post on the Google Enterprise Blog.

The History of Collaboration

via ReadWriteCloud by Alex Williams on 2/15/11

workplaceimage.jpg The history of collaboration is the subject of another infographic from Socialcast. A previous infographic the company did late last year explored how to measure the effectiveness of social technologies inside the enterprise.

This one explores collaboration starting with a quote from Charles Darwin about communications. It goes from there to explore the growth of collaboration; the types of workers in the U.S. workforce and the definition of a good worker.



The most compelling aspect of the infographic focuses on the ways collaboration can improve with ten common forms of recent effort.


A Comprehensive Comparison Guide to Mobile Advertising Networks

The Comprehensive Mobile Advertising Networks Comparison Guide


The Top 25 Hottest Mobile Game Developers

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